Medical Marijuana Application

Accepting new members for medical marijuana!

We are a member based compassion society. Our goal is to assist qualified members gain access to safe and natural medicine choices. As a collective our philosophy is to help educate each other as members on the quality, effects and uses of medicinal cannabis.

To become an eligible member we need the following completed and up to date forms:

1) Government ID and 18+

2) Document proving ailment

Such as a recommendation or prescription from your health care practitioner (physician, nurse practitioner, naturopath, chiropractor, psychologist or Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine). While many practitioners recognize the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine, we realize that there are some who still may feel uncomfortable recommending cannabis or even completing the form. Some of them fear professional repercussions or may not feel that they have enough knowledge about this herbal medicine. Depending on the condition, a confirmation of diagnosis may be sufficient for membership. We also accept Health Canada MMAR authorizations and Health Canada licenced producer memberships as well. Weeds Kelowna Prescription Form

Application Form Sample

Weeds Kelowna Medical Marijuana Application

3) Society membership forms filled out

In order to maintain the confidentiality of our members and their health care providers, we are not able to refer you to doctors who have signed statements in the past. There are many compassionate doctors out there and we encourage you to keep trying. Application Form

We provide natural healing and alternative therapies to those who need it most.

If you have any questions or concerns for more information please CONTACT US at, call us at 778-478-9339 or, even better, come visit us at 515 Bay Ave. Kelowna BC.

Conditions Accepted With Diagnosis

AIDS/HIV Cancer Fibromyalgia Muscular Dystrophy Parkinsons
Pain – Chronic Ulcerative Colitis Glaucoma Paraplegia/Quadriplegia Nausea – Chronic & Debilitating
Arthritis Crohn’s Disease Hepatitis C Psoriasis Insomnia
Multiple Sclerosis Epilepsy Irritable Bowel Syndrome Atopic dermatitis(Eczema) Sleep Disorders
Substance Addiction & Withdrawal Anxiety/Stress Disorder ADHD Asthma Schizophrenia
Depression Post traumatic stress disorder