Tips for Seniors Using Medical Cannabis

If you are a first time user or a returning medical marijuana user who are arriving, celebrating, or over the hump of “50.” You are one of many. Many of you are retired or almost retired. You currently use or have tried using pharmaceutical medicine to address the growing list of ailments. Some worked, but […]

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Dispensaries & the Value of Bricks and Mortar

A pharmacy will take 30 minutes to fill a prescription. Your MMPR licensed producer (LP) will fill your prescription in several days. A short visit to a local dispensary offers an alternative. Top researchers from IBM’s business consulting services state, “…being local will become increasingly important as shoppers demand the instant gratification of their purchases” […]

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As numerous US states make the move under the nose of the Federal Government to legalize recreational marijuana, these same states are also witnessing a dip in beer sales. Data correlating to legalizing recreational cannabis and monthly beer sales in certain US states suggests that beer and cannabis are substitutes. This means that people choose […]

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