Medical Marijuana in Kelowna

The City of Kelowna has limited options for accessing medical marijuana through cannabis dispensaries. Groups such as the MS Society and Veterans Affairs have expressed their disappointment with the city’s reaction towards existing medical marijuana dispensaries in Kelowna and their desire to access alternative medications with safety and consistency. Weeds Kelowna introduces itself as a […]

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Uses for Medical Marijuana – Weeds Kelowna Cannabis

Medical Uses of Cannabis General Remarks Nausea and Vomiting Anorexia and Cachexia Spasticity Tourette’s Syndrome and other Movement Disorders Pain Pruritus Glaucoma Epilepsy Asthma Dependency and Withdrawal Psychiatric Symptoms Hyperactivity/ADHD Alzheimer’s Disease Autoimmune Diseases, Inflammation and Allergies Miscellaneous, Mixed Syndromes There are marked differences in the knowledge on the medical uses of cannabis and cannabinoids […]

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How Does Cannabis Work (Medical Marijuana Pharmacology)?

Cannabis has a clear and obvious effect on the human body.   Over the last decade, scientists have learned a lot about its mechanisms of action. Endocannabinoids Endocannabinoids: anandamide and 2-AG Plant cannabinoids have an effect on the human body because our bodies produce a group of ‘cannabis-like’ chemicals called endogenous cannabinoids, endocannabinoids.  Endocannabinoids regulate […]

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